Jim Rodrigues

Jim Rodrigues

Jim RodriguesJim RodriguesJim Rodrigues

  • Software Engineering Consulting Services
  • HoloLens Application Development

Jim Rodrigues

Jim Rodrigues

Jim RodriguesJim RodriguesJim Rodrigues

  • Software Engineering Consulting Services
  • HoloLens Application Development

About Jim Rodrigues


A knowledgeable engineering leader

At Microsoft, I worked on small startup teams as well as products as big as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.  These experiences help me recognize what is immediate low-hanging fruit and what will require a staged improvement process.  I share my wisdom and experience and drive an understanding up and down the organization so we navigate to our north star, unified.


Bringing ideas and energy

I love what I do which is to innovate and improve.  I bring energy and enthusiasm to an organization while inspiring achievement.  I have a track record for innovation and hold several software patents.  I also know how to bridge the gap between business needs and an engineering team's wants to ensure they remain synergistic.


I care

Good enough is not good enough.  I take my work personal and treat others with respect and compassion.  I use data and a systems thinking model to help me determine where improvements are required in the people, processes, or tools.  I drive these improvements with a positive, can-do attitude, that achieves while contributing to a positive culture.


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Jim Rodrigues

Here is what I can do for your company

Software Quality

Is your company struggling to achieve consistent software quality?  Have embarrassing bugs shipped?  Does your testing consume too much of your engineering resources? I have 25 years of experience developing smart testing approaches which reduce costs and drive up quality.  Ask me about developing an Engineering Capability Maturity Model road map for your organization. 

Sustaining Engineering

You need a great plan for how to support your in-market products while enabling focused development on the next version.  This sustaining engineering plan is critical to long term success.  Whether you favor a dedicated Sustained Engineering team or favor a Dev-Ops model, I have deep knowledge in this area to share.

International Software Development

There is a right way and many wrong ways to develop international software.  It is more than simple translations.  Let me help you become world-ready with a product that is global by design and local by experience.

Optimize your Engineering System

A great Engineering System ensures your engineers remain productive.  You need a solid code branching strategy.  Your build system must be robust.  Testing must have quality gates to find defects early.  Purposeful test passes and effective use of test automation are all important.  Data and telemetry can drive additional quality insights.  Let me review and optimize your engineering approach using my vast expertise and experience in this area.

Augmented Reality (HoloLens)

 I have developed a deep understanding of the HoloLens and can help you understand what it can and cannot do to allow you to make good investment decisions. I can also lead your efforts to jump-start your path to success.

Hiring and Onboarding

I can help define a system and train your team to conduct effective interviews enabling you to hire a diverse set of high potential engineers.  I will also help you establish a great on-boarding process which enables new engineers to become comfortable and productive quickly.