Software Quality

Test Approach

How long do we test?  How much do we invest in test automation?  What test passes do we perform and for what purpose?  An effective test approach can make you a "Shipping Machine" and a bad one can cause great dysfunction.  I have seen it all and am glad to help you here.

Data, Telemetry, and Metrics

An effective testing approach includes data gathering, telemetry, and metrics which enable informed quality decisions and actions.  From proactive to rapid reactive, data insights enable the team to understand and respond to issues.

Help you define a quality road map

Maybe you are a small startup that has very little formal testing processes.  Maybe you are a very large and mature software company that has suffered critical quality issues you believe were preventable.  Whatever your starting point is, I have the ability to come in, review your specific situation and help you establish an  Engineering Capability Maturity Model road map that enables you to achieve consistent quality.