Hiring and Onboarding

Hiring Best Practices

Hiring a great team is effort and requires a systematic process.  At Microsoft, I was deeply engaged in recruiting and attained the level of As-App interview with final say on interview loop hiring decisions.  I am glad to help your organization develop a system enabling you to hire the best.

Positive Interview Experiences

Rather than focus on finding fault with candidates, my approach teaches how to bring out the best in candidates after which a good hiring decision can be made.  This positive approach also leaves candidates feeling good about your company.  Always remember, these candidates are also future customers.

Structured On-boarding

Too often, I have seen a great engineer be hired and then not properly on-boarded leaving them unsure of themselves and not able to positively contribute to the team.  I can help you establish a solid on-boarding process to train and ramp your new hires allowing them to become productive and confident quickly and effectively.

Attrition Management

Losing a great engineer is painful and losing many is potentially fatal to an organization.  It is important to re-recruit your best people and ensure your core engineering team remains strong while minimizing causes for attrition.  I can help you establish a process and metrics to track and control attrition.

Hiring Boost

When you are short staffed you can least afford the needed resources to invest to make great hires.  I am able to help you get past a hiring crunch by streamlining the processes and actively helping in the hiring crunch time period.