HoloSpider Adventure

About the game

Your home has spiders and insects living in it.  The spiders will try to capture the insects and it is your job to stop them.  The game consists of levels and intermissions (like a Pac-Man game).  Each level has a time limit during which you need to protect the insects.

Your main technique to save the insects is to make the insects fly away causing the spiders to have to keep chasing them.  You can do this by voice or hand movements which the game teaches you.  Some completed levels earn you special weapons and spells.  There are fireballs and heat seeking missiles you can blow up spiders with.  There are weapons to create windstorms or to time freeze which can be quite helpful.  You decide when to use them.

HoloSpider Adventure is build in a "whack-a-mole" style.  As you go higher in levels, there is more and more action to take and eventually, you will need to decide how to focus.  Will you focus on the movement of insects or flies?  When will you use your special weapons and spells?  Which insects do you focus on protecting while others are being captured by spiders?  The game will help develop your quick decision making skills and ability to multi-task.

The game may scare people with arachnophobia although this may be a fun way to face that fear.  There is no blood and guts but seeing the spiders stalking the insects will make your heart race.  I'd guess that the game could give young children nightmares so best to be played by those a bit more mature and able to recognize that this is just a game even though it is happening in augmented reality and seems real.

The game is free to play and there is a paid version which enables you to continue games (after losing).  This is quite helpful in getting to the higher levels and being able to experience crazy action packed levels.  The paid version is also helpful for enabling me to continue to make these games so please consider it if you find the game entertaining.